Essential Oils for the Season & Their Uses

So often we have heard the story of the three wisemen who brought gifts to Mary and Joseph of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold. There are so many more oils that are also extraordinarily rich in holiday history. Let’s take a look at some classic holiday oils and how they benefit us today.


  • Scent: Earthy & Uplifting
  • Uses: May reduce anxiety & stress; balance the immune system; may reduce joint pain; improves aspects of asthma; encourages good gut health; may promote good oral health
  • What to Make: Add Frankincense to non toxic lotion or face oil for a healthy young look, diffuse for a grounding and earthy scent, or put into potpourri for an overall home boost.


  • Scent: Earthy, Fruity, Slightly Spicy
  • Uses: Helps balance immune system; has been shown in studies to have antibacterial properties; supports oral health; aides in skin health; may help with pain and swelling; creates an unhealthy environment for parasites; powerful antioxidant
  • What to Make: Add some Myrrh into your favorite non-toxic lotion for a refreshing and uplifting skin experience as well as for your mood, diffuse with frankincense and lemon for a fruity and earthy blend, or add a few drops to some hot water in the shower as a nice refreshing diffuser while showering.


  • Scent: Sweet & Bright
  • Uses: Shown in studies to be antimicrobial as well as antioxidant properties; may help with anxiety, depression, may help with pain when associated with inflammation; supports healthy digestive issues.
  • What to Make: Orange has such a wide use. Try using it in cookies, in a diffuser, in tea or coffee, or in your family’s famous fudge! It smells AMAZING


  • Scent: Fresh & Woodsy
  • Uses: Encourages a healthy metabolism; may reduce stress;  supports healthy respiratory system; shown to be antimicrobial; may help with pain when associated with inflammation
  • What to Make: Pine is great in a diffuser to make your home smell woodsy and full of spirit. You can also add pine to massage oil for a fresh, revitalizing scent.


  • Scent: Spicy & Warm
  • Uses: Shown to be antimicrobial; may help in oral health and tooth pain; digestive support; aides with asthma and respiratory system
  • What to Make: Clove is a fantastic addition to your coffee for a good holiday blend. You can also make a pleasant diffuser blend with orange and pine joining in. Wonderful in a bath to cleanse, release and rebalance.


  • Scent: Warm & Spicy
  • Uses: Powerhouse oil and shown in multiple studies to have antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial properties; supports healthy blood sugar levels, enhances mood; supports oral health, hair growth
  • What to Make: Cinnamon is great in a diffuser, incorporated into foods, you can make DIY Chapstick or massage oils, or put it on some potpourri.

These beautiful balancing oils have great use for our everyday lives. We will have more information coming soon in an online webinar about the Ancient Oils in Scripture so stay tuned!!

Until then, how will you choose to use the special holiday scents year-round?

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