Preparing for the Holidays: Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically

With Christmas coming soon, the days seem to go by at rapid pace, but last forever. Do you feel that, too? Christmas can’t get here soon enough, but you have one million things to do before it gets here. The joy of the holiday season takes over and we look forward to seeing our friends and family. In the madness of shopping, cooking, and celebrating, we often overwork ourselves and wear thin. This holiday season, let’s stay strong emotionally, spiritually, and physically by following these simple tips.


Keep Routines: Make routines that aren’t that far off from your normal schedule. Make sure you stick relatively closely to your everyday life so you don’t add extra overwhelming circumstances.

Get enough Sleep: Sleep is vastly important to your well-being. Make sure you are getting a healthy amount of sleep, but not too much.

Set Boundaries: Set boundaries with your friends, family, and budget… and make sure you stick to them. Don’t overspend or overexert yourself for the holidays.

Listen to Music: Music can brighten your mood. Pick a good jam and crank it up! Sing until you can’t sing anymore. Whatever your choice of music is, enjoy it to the fullest.


Read the Word: Spend some time delving into God’s word. Look up an Advent reading list and see what new blessings unfold from scripture for you this year.

Make an Advent Calendar: As you enjoy the daily treat, reflect on the verse that is inside.

Make New Traditions: With family or friends, come up with something new and enjoyable to do together that reflects who you are spiritually. How can you show Christ’s love at Christmas?

Devotional: Make time each evening either with your family or have quiet time with yourself to pray and seek God’s wisdom in your life.


Drink Water: Make sure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. An easy way to get sick is getting dehydrated. The recommended daily water intake is between 11 – 16 cups. So, drink up!

Manage Stress: Make sure you are keeping your stress level under control. Speak to your counselor as needed. Take plenty of walks. Get enough sunshine.

Make Time for Exercise: Move your body. Enjoy the time you are spending while moving your body. Go on a walk, pull up a jazzersize class and put on those leg warmers from the 80’s, chase your dog around the house. Whatever you do, have fun doing it!

Make Healthy Holiday Food Choices: Enjoy your food, but don’t overdo it. Eat the cake and drink the Hot Chocolate. Just don’t have it in excess.

Decorate Safely: Make sure that you have a spotter if you are climbing up the ladder to put the star on the tree. Be careful if you are hanging lights on your house. Don’t light the house on fire when lighting the menorah. Whatever your holiday traditions, be safe.

Winter Weather: Make sure you pack an emergency bag just in case you get stranded somewhere while you’re away from your home. A blanket, spare coat, and socks (they make great makeshift mittens) are good to keep with you along with a flashlight and water.

No matter what you are doing this holiday season, remember that you are worth the effort and time to invest in yourself.  Have a fantastic holiday season!

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